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Clean dental office


Biodental Tournai  was designed as a more responsible dental practice.  A health facility  is very consumer of resources, energy, material, water, medical consumables, hygiene products ... The results are very unfavorable. Here are the measures we have adopted to reduce our impact. 

Prohibit as much as possible the use of single-use equipment


We have made the choice to invest in quality surgical equipment that can withstand thousands of sterilization cycles and not use disposable instrument kits.


Switch off computer equipment at night


To avoid forgetting, we have even installed a general cut-off switch.


Reduce our water consumption


Our equipment cleaning and sterilization line is automated. An ultrasonic tank allows the material equivalent of half a day's work to be pre-cleaned with great efficiency with only 15 liters of water. Then, the thermo-disinfector allows the instruments to be cleaned with less water than if they were done by hand. We are also attentive to the detergents that we put in these machines.


Ban plastic cups


You know those cups that we use for 10 seconds to rinse our mouths out and throw away at the end of the session? According to our estimates, our dental practice would have consumed approximately 10,000 cups per year. The solution? We have removed the spittoons from our chairs. As a result, water savings of around 4000 liters per year and an undeniable gain in hygiene. Do you want to refresh your mouth? No worries, your practitioner will suggest you rinse your mouth using its water syringe and suction. And when really needed, a cardboard cup will be available at the small patient sink located in each treatment room.

Raise awareness on a daily basis


Educate our patients and employees. No disposable dishes in our break room, we avoid ready-made meals in plastic trays, and this even goes as far as our coffee machine which is a bean machine and not aluminum capsules. Our patients will find in the hygiene room an electric hand dryer rather than disposable absorbent papers. Finally, we educate the laboratories and suppliers with whom we collaborate, to try to change things.

Recycled paper

We keep document printing to a minimum, but when we do, we print on recycled paper. Even our business cards are made from recycled paper.  


Remove imprint materials from our activity


The famous "paste" is not only unpleasant in the mouth, but in addition it generates a lot of pollution: silicone, alginate, packaging and plastic applicator tips (up to 6 per session). Our digital impression camera allows the patient's mouth to be scanned without any consumables. In addition, there is no need for transport and a small plastic bag to bring the impression to the prosthesis laboratory since the digital impression is sent electronically.




Each cabinet device is connected to the cabinet's ethernet network. Less electromagnetic waves is surely better for us, for you and also for the birds in the garden of the practice which are very sensitive to the waves.

The choice of building


Rather than constructing a whole new building or destroying an old building, we opted for the renovation of an old house. This requires less construction materials, less recycling, less transport and generates less polluting dust. It gives a second life to a building that was made to last.


Building materials


In order to enlarge the building to accommodate a dental practice, we built a wooden frame extension at the back of the building. Wood, when used intelligently, is a material with very low environmental impact, unlike concrete. In addition, wood is an excellent insulator which reduces heating!



Without going into too much detail, on the SOUTH side of the building we have reduced the glazed surfaces so as not to suffer from the heat in summer. On the contrary, on the NORTH side we have increased the glazed surfaces. In addition, natural light has been favored to reduce lighting, with the use of skylights in the sterilization room. The building has been insulated to meet current standards. A rainwater recovery tank has been installed to supply the toilets.  


The choice of furniture  interior


Our reception furniture, the layout and decoration elements are made from wood from regional forests. While the cost is much more important than low-end wood imported from Malaysia, but the quality is felt. It was important to us that all this wood did not cross the planet in a freighter. We are certain of the origin of the wood and that is what matters.

We are not certified by a label, but we are sure that our efforts are not in vain. Come check it out for yourself. If you have any suggestions for us, to teach us new techniques, let us know, we are very motivated to do even better.


We would like to remind you that no compromise is made on hygiene and medical techniques. This is for our own safety and that of our patients.


In the name Biodental Tournai, there is the word "organic". This does not refer to organic farming but rather to everything relating to living things, to biology. In modern dentistry we also use the term "biomimicry" which consists of reproducing and mimicking nature when we treat a patient,  both for aesthetics but also for function.

Eco-responsible dentist
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