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dental dam

When you are being treated, you will often see us place the surgical drape over your teeth. Particularly when we have to glue a resin, a prosthetic part or to devitalize a tooth.

This operating field has several advantages:

  • Optimal bonding protected from humidity and saliva present in the mouth,

  • Better asepsis during the devitalization of a tooth or bonding, by limiting bacterial contamination,

  • Increased visibility of your teeth because it prevents fogging on our mirror.

  • Isolate products with questionable odors and tastes, particularly to disinfect the inside of the teeth. The operating field allows you not to ingest them.

Don't worry, the dam won't stop you from breathing, you can even try to talk to us with it.

Today, the installation of the dam is the subject of specific dental training. It greatly promotes the quality of care but requires a certain dexterity.

Quality care


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