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Worn teeth
Dental wear

Dental wear is linked to our lifestyle: stress, diet, aggressive brushing. It can be due or aggravated by possible mal-occlusions (bad positioning of the upper jaw with the lower jaw). At Biodental Tournai we attach great importance to these pathologies because we know how they can be debilitating both aesthetically and functionally. Early management is essential if we want to avoid the ever-increasing deterioration of wear. Our dentists are on the lookout for the slightest signs, during an annual visit for example.


The stress


Stress generally leads to bruxism. It is the act of clenching, grinding your teeth, most often unconsciously at night. This causes premature wear of your teeth. There are two signs that may point you in the opposite direction: your partner complains about the noise you make with your teeth while sleeping or if you experience muscle pain in your jaw when you wake up. We generally recommend a behavioral approach in order to fight against your stress and if that is not enough we can design a night gutter to protect your teeth.

Food acids


Please note: these are increasingly present in modern food, with easy access to any type of food at any time of the day, and especially with sodas and fruit juices of all kinds. Although very resistant, tooth enamel is very sensitive to chemical attacks. The erosion caused by these acid attacks will result in yellowing, loss of shine and / or a translucent appearance of the edge of the teeth. The solution is of course to change your eating habits.




Some examples of food acids

Gastroesophageal reflux


They are also another source of acidity for your teeth. The acid coming from the stomach goes up to the oral cavity and attacks the teeth on a daily basis. Gastric acid is a very powerful acid. You can suffer from it without even realizing it. People with bulimia nervosa can also experience this erosion phenomenon due to repeated vomiting. You can talk about it freely with your dentist.


Traumatic brushing


We call "iatrogenic brushing", this results from a bad brushing technique coupled with a hard bristle toothbrush. For more information on the right technique to adopt, see our sheet on the right brushing technique.


Anatomic anomalies


Dental or jaw malpositions create bad relationships between your teeth during chewing. If these anomalies are not corrected they will lead to premature and excessive wear of your teeth. Teeth that bite end-to-end are the most vulnerable to this type of wear. Multi-disciplinary treatment should then be considered, it often combines orthodontics, adhesive dentistry and sometimes surgery.

Once worn or damaged the enamel cannot regenerate, it must absolutely be repaired. Indeed, the dentin located under the enamel is much less resistant and the wear phenomenon then becomes much faster (x 10 on average). In addition to the aesthetic side, a worn tooth is more sensitive to cold / hot / sugar, less resistant to fractures especially if the wear is severe, sensitive to cavities but also to dental abscesses.

Short teeth


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