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Do you want the best to repair your tooth? Do you want a repair that is both solid and aesthetic but without damaging the existing part of your tooth? Inlays and onlays are the perfect solution.

The inlay is a custom-made ceramic or composite dental prosthesis that fills the cavity of a decayed or broken tooth. The onlay covers a larger upper part of the damaged tooth. And to be completely precise, if the onlay completely covers the tooth then it is called overlay.

inlay onlay overlay

From left to right: inlay, onlay and overlay

Placing an inlay-onlay helps treat the damage caused to your tooth by keeping it alive most of the time. These are manufactured by the dental prosthesis laboratory or directly on site by our machining center and are remarkably precise, particularly thanks to the digital impression . They are more resistant than a classic composite made directly in the chair and are therefore recommended for more extensive restorations, ranging from 25 to 50% of the tooth volume.


Two appointments are enough to fit this prosthetic part:


  • The first is to prepare the tooth: clean the surfaces, remove old restorations and make the digital impression.

  • The second to stick the inlay-onlay in its box.

It is possible to carry out these two sessions in the same day or even half-day because the restorations are manufactured directly in our dental office.

amalgam vs ceramic onlay
Ceramic onlay

We can generally very easily remove your aging amalgam fillings (gray or black fillings) to replace them with inlays-onlays.   and thus obtain a much more aesthetic and above all more waterproof and solid result. However, if the amalgam is very large, a crown will be considered instead. However, if the aesthetic concerns do not bother you and the filling is tight and solid, we can leave it in the mouth, it presents no danger .


dental ceramic


At Biodental Tournai we do not place amalgams, only composites made directly in the chair or inlays-onlays the color of your teeth. But we leave in the mouth amalgams which do not show signs of weakness. This is also modern dentistry.

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