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Digital dentistry

The digital imprint, also called optical imprint, removes almost all silicones and alginates from our treatment plans. Modern dentistry has  for vocation to remove these unpleasant pastes from our therapeutic arsenal. You gain in comfort.


On the practitioner's side, the optical impression increases the precision but also the speed and  often treatments require fewer appointments.


This 3D revolution also corresponds to our philosophy aimed at limiting our ecological impact. We thus do away with disinfectant products, plastic bags and we reduce the back and forth of the transporter between our practice and the prosthesis laboratory.

For what types of treatments?

Crowns , inlays-onlays , bridges, veneers , tooth whitening , removable dentures.

digital footprint
3D dental


Optical impression was born in 1985 thanks to the work of Professor François Duret. Today they are starting to become more popular in dental practices and many brands are flooding the market. At Biodental Tournai we use the Trios camera from the firm 3shape which is recognized as one of the most efficient to date.

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