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tooth crown


ceramic dental crown

A crown is a custom-made fixed prosthesis that covers a damaged tooth to ensure its function, shape and aesthetics while preserving your tooth underneath. It is the ideal solution to consolidate a fragile tooth in order to be able to chew again without risk and without pain.

Why do I need a crown?


  • When the tooth is fractured and too large a part is missing to consider inlay-onlay ,

  • If the tooth has lost its strength and risks breaking by biting too hard (for example after root canal treatment)

  • When a large amalgam filling threatens to fracture or fracture the tooth,

  • When the shape or aesthetics of your tooth is not good,

  • When food gets stuck between two teeth due to restorations that are too bulky,

  • If you have placed a dental implant , it will be screwed onto it using an intermediate pillar,

Amalgam change with a ceramic crown

Note that it is important to quickly replace a fractured tooth with a crown to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and migrating into the spaces left free. This leads to occlusal problems and therefore ultimately to chewing disorders. Loosening and aesthetic problems will also arise. In addition, not replacing a tooth means that the remaining teeth bear a greater load during chewing. This imbalance will compromise the lifespan of your other healthy teeth.

Aesthetic anterior ceramic crown

What material for a crown?

Today the technique of choice is the all-ceramic crown . This is the one we use at Biodental Tournai. The ceramic will integrate perfectly with your teeth and thus optimize aesthetics and biocompatibility. The family of ceramics is very large and we choose which one to use according to your needs and our requirements.

The prosthetist sculpts and stains the ceramic

A crown in a day?

Our dental office is equipped with CAD/CAM, the digital dentistry tool which allows the manufacturing on site and within the day of any type of ceramic restoration: crown, onlay, etc. See our page on digital dentistry .


Restore tooth in Tournai


There are also temporary crowns made of resin. These are the ones that we place on the teeth while waiting to glue the final crown.

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