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Your smile is unique, there is no standardization or one size fits all. It is our job to preserve each person's character and to reflect  personality through a smile, faithfully.

What are our methods?


A customized project


Your smile says a lot: it reflects your personality, your story, your lifestyle. It is therefore a question of sublimating it and not of transforming it completely. A beautiful smile will give you better energy and boost your self-confidence.




During an aesthetic project, you  we will always see multiple photos of your face and smile being taken.  These allow us to calmly "pose" in front of the images and to think about them. We are thinking  at the various points to improve in accordance with your requests and generate what is called a "smile design". (Your photos of course remain private).

photographie dentaire

The smile design

Smile design is a technique that allows you to digitally model your smile using different software. It can be made from photographs and the digital imprint .  

It allows you to have an overview of the project, in particular the shape and length of the future teeth. We will then be able to adjust the digital smile to calmly approach future stages.

smile design belgium

Digital study models


Using optical impressions, digital casts of your teeth are made to understand how you use your teeth. Today it is inconceivable to design a new smile if you can no longer eat properly. Your footprints serve as a starting point in order to design a reliable, coherent and therefore sustainable project over time.

digital study models

The “mock-up” mask


The “mock-up” is the result of our study. After initially validating the digital project, the mock-up allows us to try your new smile directly in the mouth using a temporary resin. Photos and videos are   carried out. This way, you can project yourself with your future smile before taking the next step.

dental mock up

During the second appointment, your dentist will ensure the perfect adaptation of the gutters. A demonstration and explanations are given and the lightening gel is given so that you can start the treatment. Photographs are taken.

The application is generally made in the evening before going to bed over a period of 2 to 3 weeks.


During the third session, generally after 3 weeks of treatment, the dentist again takes photographs to ensure the proper functioning of the treatment and to compare the famous "Before / After".

The therapeutic gadient

The therapeutic gradient. 

Example of cosmetic dentistry: trying on aesthetic veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is a discipline that is approached in a structured manner, with calm and a lot of perspective. We are trained to handle most aesthetic requests. We have the tools and equipment essential to carry out high-quality aesthetic treatments.

dental veneers


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