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prosthesis on implant


There are generally two types of prostheses on implants: the removable prosthesis on implants (stabilized by the implants) and the prosthesis fixed on implants.



The stabilized removable prosthesis


We generally use it in situations of complete edentulism. Several implants are placed in your mouth. Then a bar is made to connect the implants together. This bar will be used to stabilize your prosthesis.


The other solution, depending on the number of implants, is the use of press studs. The prosthesis clips onto the snaps, like a blouse button.


Regardless of the attachment technique used, the prosthesis is easy to remove by you, which presents an advantage in terms of maintenance and hygiene when compared to the prosthesis fixed on implants. In addition, the aesthetics of these prostheses are durable, they increase your chewing strength and are ideal if you cannot tolerate dentures.


The disadvantage lies in the wear and tear of the attachments from being put on and put back on; it is necessary to renew them over time.

The prosthesis fixed on an implant


These are more or less extensive crowns or bridges directly attached to your implants. This concerns single, plural or complete edentulism. Once screwed onto the implant, the prosthesis cannot be removed; only the dentist can do this. The screw holes are covered with a resin in the color of the ceramic. These prostheses have the advantage of being very aesthetic with the use of ceramics.


The disadvantage lies in the maintenance which must be meticulous and sometimes proves complicated. In certain cases we will be able to safely unscrew your prosthesis in order to carry out maintenance at the dental office.





Today we have the possibility of placing the implants with a surgical guide. It is a gutter which is printed using a 3D printer and which allows the implant to be placed very precisely.

Finally, 99% of the implants placed in the world are made of titanium. This material has proven itself for many years and allergies to it are extremely rare. However, we can offer you full ceram, zero metal implants.

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