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Dental health
le sport et les dents

The practice of a regular sporting activity decreases the mortality and prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and depression. Indeed, sport is an excellent factor of mental balance and thus contributes to well-being and a good quality of life. Both physical and mental well-being thanks to the secretion of hormones such as endorphin which generates a real feeling of pleasure and sometimes even euphoric. This substance produced by our brain has a calming action and facilitates the evacuation of stress.

The stress


Stress is responsible at our level for a pathology that we call bruxism. This will result in premature wear of your teeth as well as your temporomandibular joints.

Remote infections


If you are already a seasoned athlete, it is important to do regular monitoring. Several studies show that inflammation of the gums or dental problems such as abscesses can affect performance. Bacteria in the mouth  pass through traffic  blood and can attach to tendons or joints, particularly causing tendonitis.

Postural disorders


Disorders of occlusion (relationship between the upper jaw and the lower jaw) can cause musculoskeletal and postural disorders, leading to postural imbalance,  which increases the risk of injury.

Food supplements


The overconsumption of fast sugars in the form of energy drinks, gels, fruit pastes or even cereal bars promotes the appearance of cavities. The more frequent and repeated their ingestion, the greater the risk of caries and erosion. The aggravating effect is linked to the intensity of the effort which causes uncompensated dehydration, a decrease in the flow of saliva and therefore a dry mouth. Saliva can therefore no longer ensure its buffering and therefore protective power. However, there is no question of completely eliminating them because they are a real fuel for the athlete but we must warn you of the risks and encourage you as far as possible to favor slow sugars (pasta, rice, potatoes, dark chocolate, apricot etc…) see food section.

Mouth guards


With regard to contact and combat sports, dental trauma is frequent and mainly concerns the anterior teeth. Today the mouthguard is democratized and considerably reduces the risk of dental trauma. It is essential for combat sports and we are seeing more and more basketball players, handball players and rugby players also use it. There are standard mouth guards on the market  but are not suitable for your oral anatomy. We recommend custom-made mouthguards by our prosthetists, with a personalized design.  


rotary tooth holder


Physical activity will only benefit you if it is enjoyable for you. Some prefer the solitude of a walk or a jog or others prefer  a more fun activity and meet people (dance, team sports etc…) Find an activity that will continue to please you in the long term, it can range from simple gardening to long bike rides with friends on Sunday morning.

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