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The countless harmful effects of tobacco are well established. It is attributed numerous cancers (lungs, respiratory tract, esophagus, pancreas, rectal colo etc…). It also promotes stroke, chronic bronchitis, infertility, skin damage, loss of smell and taste ...

Effects in the mouth

The consequences of smoking, even light, are clearly visible in your oral cavity:  

  • Bad breath : bacteria proliferate more easily in an environment exposed to tobacco,

  • Dental stains : yellow teeth and  brownish spots that are difficult to remove,

  • Mucous membrane discoloration : black tongue, brown gums,

  • Mucous membrane lesions : in particular smoking keratoses which present a significant risk of malignant transformation,

  • Dry mouth : increases the risk of cavities because the saliva is in less quantity  no longer plays its protective role,

  • Delayed healing : at  because of the heat of the cigarette but also by  its composition (carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine) which alters the healing mechanism,

  • Failure of implant treatments : poor oxygenation and vascularization of tissues. The effectiveness of the immune system is impaired and promotes infections. The loss of implants is often rapid (a few days to a few months).

You will understand, even by trying to provide you with the best possible care, regardless of the treatments, the results will be compromised in the more or less long term because of smoking.  

Never too late

No matter how old your addiction is, no matter how many cigarettes you smoke per day, it's never too late to quit and to feel the effects after a few days. The entire Biodental Tournai team is at your disposal and can give you tips to help you achieve the goal of quitting smoking. Do not hesitate to tell us about it during your next visit.  



Tobacco kills nearly 5 million people around the world every year. In Belgium, nearly 20,000 deaths per year (55 deaths per day) are directly attributable to tobacco according to the Belgian cardiology league.

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