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dental insurance
dentalia dental insurance

When you are affiliated with a mutual insurance company, care and visits are largely reimbursed. For routine care, the remainder to be paid by the patient remains low. Unfortunately for certain acts the reimbursement is limited or even non-existent. This is particularly the case for crowns , inlay-onlays , implants, etc. To fill these gaps, there is additional insurance to cover the costs of dental care.


Some examples :


  • Solidaris with the Optio Dentis contract,

  • Christian mutuality with the Dento + contract

  • Partenamut with the Dentalia + contract 

  • DKV with the DKV Smile contract

  • Etc ...


The complementary insurance contributes both to the remainder of current care, but also to the reimbursements of care not reimbursed by the mutual.

Each dental health supplement offers services and reimbursements with different guarantees. However, we can observe that generally the supplementary insurance contracts impose a waiting period of 6 months before being able to claim the first support. The first year of membership you can receive an average of € 300 reimbursement, € 600 the second year and then € 1000 per year.


At Biodental Tournai we are fully aware that dental care can represent a significant and sometimes unforeseen budget. Our philosophy dictates that we not only offer you the best treatment plans but also discuss possible compromises so that it is not uncomfortable for you. Sometimes we will have to stagger the treatments so that your reimbursements remain optimal.

During your visit, do not forget to inform us of your insurance, so that we can provide you with the necessary form for your reimbursement.



Today, supplementary dental insurance (to be clearly differentiated from hospital insurance) is becoming more widespread in Belgium. They are easily affordable, intended for the whole family and greatly facilitate access to the best treatments.

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