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Dental check-up in Tourni`
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Have you made an appointment for the first time at the Biodental Tournai dental office? You may be wondering how this first visit will go and what to expect on a first date with us.  

We strive to receive patients from the youngest age to the elderly in the best possible environment, and that starts with the reception and the waiting room, with a soothing decoration, a soft and fragrant atmosphere.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with the latest state- of-the-art dental equipment, which enables us to provide faster, safer, healthier and more comfortable dental care to our patients.  

If you come for a simple annual check-up or scaling, then you will probably have been referred to our dental hygienist.

Medical file  

At your first appointment, we will discuss your medical and dental history .


Dental exam


Your teeth, gums, tongue, lips and jaw will be examined for any signs of complications such as cavities, infection or disease.

Dental imaging

Correct diagnosis requires digital x-rays, depending on age and condition we can perform digital imaging  panoramic or localized  to better understand your oral health.


Dental cleaning

If necessary during the first visit, we will thoroughly (and gently) remove any dental plaque or tartar buildup that may be on the surface of your teeth. Once your teeth are completely cleaned, they are also polished to be shinier.  



After your dental exam and teeth cleaning are complete, we'll discuss our results and what can be done to improve your dental health. If treatments are recommended, we will explain each option in detail and answer all of your questions. We like our patients to be informed when making dental care decisions.

Good to know

On your first visit, don't forget:

  • Present yourself at least 10 minutes before the start of the appointment , this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the environment of the practice and to complete the medical questionnaire in order to get to know yourself better. One of our assistants will have the time to create your file.

  • Bring your identity card .

  • To bring your last panoramic x-ray less than 2 years old if you have it, you can send it to us by email. Otherwise, do not hesitate to let us know of the existence of a recent x-ray taken at your former dentist, we can request it for you from him.

  • To bring your prescription drugs (or list) and your last blood test if you have a medical condition, if you have it. It will not be necessary to bring them for subsequent appointments, unless there has been a change.

  • Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste, you can refresh your mouth in our hygiene room and it is normal that you present your brushing equipment to us, after all it is a very important element and we are there for you to advise.

  • To leave your fears at home!

A first time at the office is also an important meeting for us. Obviously if you are coming for the first time and you have an urgent need we will be happy to be of service to you. But this first appointment is not the one where the dentist will launch into a treatment or care without having first taken the time to study your dental health. Also check out our FAQ page .

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